GWEF Anniversary Treffen
12-7 until 16-7-2023
286 inscriptions so far...


The pre-inscription is open from 10 February until 31 May 2023 (included).
All preinscriptions receive a free T-shirt per person.
Your inscription is complete when your payment is received.

Campers (mobile homes) are only allowed when pre-inscribed and indicated. They will have to pay € 10.00 extra per night if they need electricity. Without electricity there are no extra costs. The limit is 100 campers. There are only 40 camper places with electricity available. They are assigned on a first inscribed, first served basis. With inscription, a standard of 4 days for electricity will be calculated. Adjustment can be made, if necessary, after the Treffen.

At the treffen site, there is no electricity for the tents, except when you need this for medical reasons. The area with electricity is a separate area, so if you need this, sadly you can't have your tent in the group with all your friends. You have to indicate on the inscription form below that you need medical electricity. As the number of places we can provide with a hookup are limited, we will request a proof of the medical reason. This to prevent abuse and make sure that everybody who really needs it, gets it. We count on your understanding for this.

It is not possible to get to the treffen site before Wednesday 12-07-2023.
If you arrive early, you can set up your tent on the campsite nearby. Information about the campsite available on their website, also available in English and German. A list of the prices can be found here. When the treffen starts, you will have to move your tent to the treffen site. If you decide to stay on the camping, these cost are not included in the treffen fee.

It is also possible to rent a room in the student house on site. There are 2- and 3-person rooms available with a bathroom in the hall per 4 rooms. The information about the student house can be found here.

Refund when cancelled
If you cancel BEFORE 31-05-2023, your inscription fee will be fully refunded.
When you cancel AFTER 31-05-2023, all except € 20.00 per person will be refunded. This is because the T-shirts are ordered then. The organisation will make sure you get your T-shirt.

For questions or changes to your inscription, send a mail to or
If you want something to be changed, you can send a mail so we'll make the change for you. We will send you the changed inscription form afterwards.
You can also do the inscription again. Your previous inscription will be disregarded.

Please pay the total amount to : GWEF Anniversary Treffen 2023
IBAN: BE92 1030 8295 9623
Address GWEF: Schommelstraat 30, 9000 Gent, Belgium.
Please mention your name and member number (if any) with your payment.


For the GWEF Anniversary Treffen in Poland the following admissions apply:

      ♦  GWEF members and passengers:  € 65.00 
 Non-GWEF drivers and passengers: € 78.00 
 Electricity for Camper:€ 10.00 per day

The inscription form that is mailed to you will be in English. Please print it out and bring it with you to the treffen.

*** GDPR *** Per 25-05-2018, the GPDR (General Data Protection Regulation) is effective.
GWEF has taken all precautions to prevent your information to be accessed by unauthorized people.
All information given to inscribe for the GWEF Anniversary Treffen 2023 will solely be used for that and not for other purposes.
GWEF will not forward any given information to third parties.
For legal reasons, after the Treffen the inscription data will be archived offline for the period of one year. After that it will be destroyed.

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