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Treffen Ukraine (GWCUA) 2022 is cancelled
Tuesday, 26 July 2022 08:24

Gold Wing club Ukraine greets all clubs!


We would like to inform you that we are forced to postpone our treffen. Today, we cannot guarantee the safety of all our guests, although our treffen is planned in the safest area of ​​Ukraine, but we know that our enemy is capable of sabotage, of sudden attacks, and we are announcing our treffen all over Europe, and in this case, we endangering our guests.


We want to thank you for your support, for the fact that no one canceled their reservation at the hotel, and that you believe in us!


We know that you were ready to come to us! This is your big contribution to our victory! We prepared for our treffen, we did everything necessary to make it possible, and of course, we made t-shirts. Today we offer you to buy them online, we hope that this will give you the opportunity to be part of us, to express your support to Ukrainians. All the money we receive will go to support our army, our people.


Best regards,
Valentin Mazurenko
President of GWCUA

Treffen Sweden (GWCS) 2022 is cancelled
Wednesday, 16 March 2022 21:36



Unfortunately I have to announce that there will be no Treffen in Sweden in 2022.

The campsite we would have been at does not meet the commitment and we have not been able to find an alternative location.

We at the Goldwing club Sweden are sorry if this create problems for travel planning this year.

Hope that Europe becomes normal again from Covid and Ukraine crisis.


Stay safe and healthy


Tomas Johansson


Treffen Belarus (GWCBY) 2022 is cancelled
Saturday, 26 February 2022 11:44

Hello Friends!


Due to the pandemic and political situation GWCBY took the decision to cancel treffen 2022 in Belarus.
Stay healthy and safe!


Best Regards,
Elena Zelezinskaya

Treffen Spain (GWAE) 2022 is cancelled
Sunday, 20 February 2022 20:14



On 02/11/2022, this Board of Directors, with each and every one of its members present, unanimously decided to CANCEL IN 2022 AND POSTPONE TO 2023, the XVII SPANISH TREFFEN, scheduled to be held in Gandia in May of this year.


The reasons that have led to this decision is that events in Europe continue to be canceled (due to issues related to the Pandemic caused by COVID-19, not finished yet), and that after having postponed our event for several years in a row, the campsite (establishment that houses the participants) has had to resort to guarantee its survival, to accept the requests that have been coming in this stage, still highly uncertain due to the evolution of the pandemic and the continuous changes in the sanitary recommendations and legal regarding capacity limitations and for the celebration of certain macro-events. This problem has caused the availability of places in the establishment to be very limited and insufficient and does not allow an optimal celebration of the event. There are no possible alternatives, on these dates, in similar businesses in the area or surroundings.


For the reasons stated above, the decision is:
This communication serves to inform all partners and members of the G.W.E.F. and to the public in general.


In Cáceres on February 11th, 2022.


Juan María Serrano Pardo
Goldwing Asociación de España

Treffen Belgium (GWMCB) 2022 is cancelled
Sunday, 30 January 2022 19:13

Dear friends, members, Gold Wing Clubs and supporters of our G.W.M.C.B.,


After internal consultation of our board and the official authorities, the international character of our Treffen and the existing Covid 19 measures in Belgium, the Belgian Board members have decided to cancel our International Treffen 2022.


Unfortunately, even with the momentary positive outlook towards the coming summer of 2022, it’s impossible for the Belgian Gold Wing Club to obtain de necessary permits and the additional manpower to organize the Treffen.


With this 3rd cancellation of our International Treffen, we as Gold Wing Motor Club Belgium also want to apologize to all members, member Clubs and all possible participants, but, as already indicated, we are unable to carry out the entire organisation under the rules (existing and coming) of the official authorities and all the different applicable regulations concerning the corona virus.


We hope that all our befriended Gold Wing Clubs will be able to organize their Treffen further this year.
We are looking forward to participate in their Treffen in 2022 and our organisation in 2023.


Stay safe and above all, stay healthy!


For the Board
Mark Vanderborght
Chairman Gold Wing Motor Club Belgium

Treffen Ireland (GWOCI) 2022 is cancelled
Monday, 03 January 2022 21:55

Dear Friends,


It is with sadness that I have to inform you that GWOCI have very reluctantly decided to cancel our 2022 International Treffen. Recently we have become aware that our Treffen venue has not been open for a long time and we could not be assured of it's availability. In these uncertain times we cannot obtain an alternative venue. We have secured a site thatis suitable for a National Treffen on the same date but it does not meet our standard for a International event.


My best wishes to you all for 2022 and hopefully everyone else will have more luck than us and be able to hold a succesful Treffen.


Keep safe and well


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